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We are aiming to power world with clean energy originated from the sun-cooking-earth !

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We produce, sale and license intelligent properties that are related to energy and ecology technology.


Kiwaho Lab’s operation object is that every our researcher or teamplayer should work out at least one innovation project per year, then file patent as salable IP (Intellectual Property).


Such a IP production rate will be our endless business year by year. We also form dynamic taskforce to undertake business partner's special research project in technical verification & improvement. 


Our hotspot of research changes time by time. As long as the innovation is ready for promotion, we will modify the homepage to reflect the newest status.


Recently we are focusing at technology of osmosis based energy storage & restoration.



Above is the embodied system of our novel method of indirect solar evaporation smuggled osmosis to hydraulic oil energy conversion.


With this breakthrough technology, a small portion of solar energy can be stored in the so-called salt panel or pond that emphasize its big surface area so as to maximize the evaporation rate.


Evaporation will concentrate the salt water to saturation, however crystallization is never expected, because its not for salt production, but for energy storage & restoration. Therefore, salt herein is just conservative working media.


As per experiments, the harvestable power density is 3.3 watt/m2 on the yearly 365x24 hours average in regular climate zone, and is expected of about 10 watt/m2 in arid or desert zone, because of quicker evaporation.


Therefore, to supply 1000 kilowatt-hours monthly energy, the area of salt panel should be about 520 m2 in regular district where annual precipitation is about 1000 mm.


The jargon “salt panel” reflects the intention that the salt solution is not supposed of too deep, if the ground is flat enough, even 3 cm depth is OK, otherwise 10 cm possible. The deeper the panel, the more backlog of salt is needed.


For personal or family energy independence, a shallow panel or pond can save lots of backlog salt; for commercial utility use, the depth is not important, even the deeper the better because of more storage volume.


If the solution concentration in the osmosis-to-hydraulic engine is regulated between 70% and 100% saturation, then the volumetric energy density is about 5 kilowatt-hours per 1 cubic meter.


Even during long time bad weather, it is not recommended of using electric resistor heater to evaporate salt pond, because circa 2.25% (evaporation effect on concentration) + 5% (temperature effect on osmotic pressure) = 7.25% (up to 13%, in extreme low humid or dry weather) electricity can be restored in osmosis engine. Try solar or ambient or waste heat or biomass combustion first.


During raining, cover all pond, or install permanent dog-height wall-less transparent simple roof.

Some nature resources are really good energy sources that have been ignored until today.


This invention is not only good for the famous Dead Sea, but also for all high salinity lakes all over the world.

The Great Salt Lake in Utah USA which area is tremendous 3000 km^2, is 5+ times saltier than seawater. therefore it is the greatest osmotic energy resource in the world! By estimation, its power potential is about 10 Gigawatt.

Ships in the Dead Sea can even be powered by osmotic-hydraulic engine, and “fuel” is just free seawater channeled from nearby Mediterranean. Never worry about recharge, because the Sun always works hard to evaporate the Dead Sea. It also quenches the drying waterbody, as huge evaporation is gradually removing this nature miracle.



For ships in regular river/sea, the in-ship reservoir must no longer hold freshwater or seawater, but salt saturated water, and situation is little bit complicated, because recharge shall be considered. If no vacant land along shore, a float solar evaporation saturated salt pond is the alternative choice as recharge station.

This improved PRO (Pressure Retarded Osmosis) cleantech is specially good for ferries with fixed itineraries!

Although the energy density is a humble 10 wh/kg, far less than lithium battery, however, high energy density is not always welcome everywhere, some special applications even prefer low energy density, such as tractors, ships, gridscale energy storage, etc, because they either need huge mass as ballast or only cost sensitive. A PSH (Pumped Storage Hydro) with 100 meters waterhead has 0.27 wh/kg, even the O’Neil PSH in California, only 15 meters waterhead, i.e. a tiny 0.04 wh/kg, but it is still unbelievably acceptable!


DO NOT balk by the failure of the pioneer Statkraft in Norway. Not PRO tech itself, but the bad methodology is the culprit. In fact, their infeasibility is predictable, because of the low energy density of river water + seawater osmotic system with max 27 atm pressure. Our saturated salt water + freshwater system renders about 500 atm, output by hydraulic motor, therefore, it can save about 400x membrane area, hundreds times of space, weight and cost.

Thanks to the inspiration of Trump’s book “the art of deal”, we make trade-off deal between osmotic and hydraulic two technologies, and combine them harmonically.



For deep analysis & dynamic public reviews, please read our publications:

1. Osmosis energy era is looming ...

2. The art of trade-off invention - osmotic to hydraulic oil pressure transformer, thank the inspiration of Trump’s book.


The PRO is not the only method to utilize osmotic energy, another method is the RED (Reverse ElectroDialysis), and we use it to create magnetic super high field (from up to millions ampere “fake current” — ions e.g. protons stream at rate 1 million ampere = 10 gram per second H+ flux, NOT the real current — electrons stream, but same magnetic effect) for electromagnetic artillery (cannon) or Tokamak in nuclear fusion, despite it is not as good as PRO in energy storage & recovery. It is the great another invention!

For details, see the article: Ions stream current easier to generate magnetic high field

The improved PRO invention can license or sell exclusively to any country, but sorry, our RED invention is only permitted for licence or sale to NATO countries.


The USPTO has published our pending patent US15/902651, an improved PRO technology, its fulltext can be retrieved from patent office or by clicking the links:

1. Original pdf manuscript, 1.5 lines spacing, easy read version
Osmosis energy storage & restoration system and indirect solar powerplant

2. USPTO standard publication, 2 columns page-layout, compact version


Now, we are seeking partners or strategic investor or advice or recommendation on PRO project:

Osmotic-hydraulic energy storage & recovery system + indirect solar power farm
with large landscape solar evaporation pond of saturated salt water.

Preferred location: #1 priority USA or #2 China or #3 the Middle East or #4 Africa

Preferred partners: hydraulic parts manufacturers, e.g. Parker Hannifin, Eaton; arid state/province landowner, e.g. Intrepid potash; university;  membrane manufacturers, e.g. Aquaporin.

Wish establish consortium to coordinate & cope with the whole supply chain.

Our business plan is available: download-link


*** New updates ***

Recently the Wei-Trump heat engine is invented, following the maturity of previous osmotic power cleantech innovation. It features multi-cylinder & multi-stage solid<>liquid phase change to hydraulic power conversion, with high efficiency at the smallest range underneath the ideal Carnot efficiency, amongst all types of heat engine.

Following figure shows a 70kg PCM heat source powered economic car for daily commuters. If PCM increase to same weight with Tesla battery,  mileage range can also be same ~430km per recharge.

Details for technologies & naming reason:  The future omnivorous vehicle is under tender careful incubation ...


*** Patent-pending Wei-Trump engine invention & missioned labor package for sale ***

We are seeking transferee company for the above disruptive invention: Wei-Trump engine. For early commercialization, we think it is the high time to publically invite best offers.

After the winning offer is selected, our scientist(s) will relocate to work in your company with your small team, and guide/direct the full development progress until first generation prototype debuts. Time frame: 2 to 3 years. We commit & pledge to help you commercialize it successfully, even by dense overtime or temporarily sleep on floor of your laboratory/workplace if necessary, surely being the most diligent & fruitful employee of your company.

Your-then-our team must be staffed with mechanical expert, hydraulic expert, material expert, thermodynamic expert, realtime software programmer.

At least, your offer should propose initial fee (include relocation cost) + salary + agreement frame on future massive production royalties, ownership identification of improved intelligence properties during our contract time, etc. Part of initial fee can be paid after prototype test successful.

If you want to buy whole ownership of this invention or exclusive right, either just now or after the finish of our missioned prototype job in your workplace, don't hesitate to initialize your intention or bid in your preference.

Wish defeat Elon Musk’s Tesla? or Tesla wish win more? In any case, don’t lose this good opportunity.

You don’t have to bid a rush offer, best to ask for a copy of our patent specification & carefully assess it.

This maverick polymath taskforce squad (1 person or 2) won't stay on labor market soon, the smartest employer should struggle for grabbing the rare opportunity at the first time. 

We are ready to rock & roll in the new mission to help envisioned carmaker to forge the world first rechargeable PCM or melting salt storage thermo powered car with Wei-Trump phase change heat engine running at quasi-Carnot efficiency!

Anywhere in the world is OK unless sanctioned countries. America First on offer value equal condition.

All offers will be received by email box: Thank you!


Other application of Wei-Trump engine for Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB): Combined Solar Heat & Power System

For detail or public comments,  see the MIT sponsored Climate CoLab projects pool.

We can also form the dedicated taskforce for the transferee of osmotic energy storage & recovery technology, and the similar package for sale too: Patent-pending osmotic energy storage + recovery invention & missioned labor.

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