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We are aiming to power world with clean energy originated from the sun-cooking-earth !

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We produce, sale and license intelligent properties that are related to energy and ecology technology.


Kiwaho Lab’s operation object is that every our researcher or teamplayer should work out at least one innovation project per year, then file patent as salable IP (Intellectual Property).


Such a IP production rate will be our endless business year by year. We also form dynamic taskforce to undertake business partner's special research project in technical verification & improvement. 


Our hotspot of research changes time by time. As long as the innovation is ready for promotion, we will modify the homepage to reflect the newest status.


Recently we are focusing at two key clean technologies:

1. biomass external combustion heat engine with consumable Liquid Nitrogen LN  heat sink.

2. heat engine directly powered liquefaction machine with optical accelerated Linde process.



Burning 0.5kg biomass or 0.25kg gasoline / heating oil, can produce 1kg marketable LN after deduction of LN consumption in situ, as heat sink of the heat engine, which powers liquefaction.

With 80% veneer efficiency, future vehicle drivers need buy both fuel from gas station & LN from nearby farmers or any possible LN retailers for their fuel+LN hybrid vehicles, with 10L gas tank, 100L LN dewar, 100 MPG.

The farmed LN could be as cheap as $0.05/L.

Production line in farmland:
grow energy grass -> burn it in our proprietary heat engine, which consumes LN as heat sink -> shaft liquefaction machine -> produce LN -> feedback 70% LN production to the LN consuming heat engine for rolling-up production -> remaining LN for sale.

If co-shafting a genset coupled to the said biomass heat engine, and feedback 100% LN from liquefaction side, then a farmer no longer has to be a LN producer, but becomes electricity supplier to support homestead energy independence and serve neighbor’ demand.

Not only applied in hybrid vehicles, but many potential LN-based applications

LN-heat-sunk applications can be categorized to 4 models:
Solo direct Cooling (SC), Solo Power generation (SP), Combined Cooling & Power (CCP), Combined Heating & Power (CHP).

LN-consumable air conditioners need refill LN tank weekly, it’s still cheaper than electricity consumption of conventional products with atmosphere-unfriendly CFC refrigerants.

LN demand = at least 3x current petroleum market, even only consider hybrid vehicles application.

What a major new energy commodity!

As inventor & pioneer of this disruptive technology, we feel the obligation to define a new concept: New World Energy Order (NWEO), and will proudly usher its forthcoming.

NWEO shall be initiated by the Great Energy Reset (GER), which will gradually shift the fossil fuel demand to renewable biomass, in most applications of power & cooling & heating, by our breakthrough innovation.

Sorry, don't confuse our NWEO & GER with the similarly called NWO (New World Order) & the Great Reset, which is being promoted by some global political influencers; we have no business with them.

Let's synergizingly cultivate a new business model with role-rearranged ecology circle, which is going to innovate an unprecedented economic cycle of green energy, based on Liquid Nitrogen LN2 on-farm production and omnipresent hybrid power consumption all over the world.

For more details, hit our blog article:

Farming liquid nitrogen as a major energy commodity

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