Kiwaho Laboratory of Energy and Ecology Inc.†

Kiwaho = kilowatt hour = Energy


We are aiming to power world with clean energy originated from the sun-cooking-earth !

Natural thermal energy and clean nuclear energy fueled by special mid-Z non uranium (Z = 92) isotopes will meet all humankind power need.

Thank the Sun for cooking & roasting Earth by casting photons on surface, and invisible neutrinos to causticize inside zone of outer Fe-Ni core everyday! Bye to fossil energy!


We produce and sale and license intelligent properties that are related to energy and ecology technology.


Kiwaho Labís operation object is that every our researcher or teamplayer should work out at least one innovation project per year, then file patent.


Such a production rate will be our endless business year by year. We also form dynamic taskforce to undertake business partner's special research project in technical verification & improvement. 


Recently we probably accidently have waged the next wave industry revolution by the break-through inventions of a series of energy conversion new methods, free energy utilization, and clean nuclear energy fueled by special mid-Z non-uranium isotopes !


1. Our TooHumbleToBeFalseTM series technologies will bring all of earth population quasi-free affordable energy supply as well as a clean pleasant world!


2. Our betavoltaic nuclear reactor will reach very high power density up to 23MW/kg,† though energy density is only about 3% of conventional fission fuel 235U 890KeV per nucleon, however it is very clean nuclear energy, because of non-toxic material and no harmful waste.



Proudly being green clean and sustainable energy total solutions provider

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We like renewable clean energy!††††† † We believe the fresh energy of sun-cooking-earth enough! ††††††† We dislike stale energy!

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