Kiwaho Laboratory of Energy and Ecology Inc.

We are aiming to power world with clean energy originated from the sun-cooking-earth !

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We are receiving new investor(s) at the first time (Round A) !

HNWI (High-net-worth individual) also welcome !

Early birds always eat more !!!


Presentation (old version 2015) for funding X-Vapor pilot project


For other presentations and update of financing status quo, please contact us.


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As a strategic investor, targeting a fixed project is not smart enough, as our R&D activity is so dynamic time by time. As long as we find a golden idea, a new invention will debut, that may be the nature of all research focused laboratories.


Your smart investment & harvest should not be merely bound to one individual project that only comforts your current feeling, but all our great intelligence properties in uptoday inventory plus in the prosperous future and in the profound evolution of civilization led by revolutionary innovation of science and technology.


As a private hi-tech R&D laboratory, our scientists are working more harder than those peers in government laboratories who are highly paid by taxpayers, because we have to fight for shortage of funds or resources, and be prodded by risk awareness of venture for surviving in free market. Therefore, please patronize our services and intelligence properties, and help us prosper with your enthusiastic support. In return, we will try our best to promote job opportunities & economic growth in the generous patron’s community or country by applying our technologies.


The fountain of our innovations will never go dry!


We have many great ideas on the renewable energy, clean nuclear energy, even rocket technology, but temporarily it seems that most those have been being frustrated by the insufficient cashflow condition.


If you are a visionary government agency or philanthropist or HNWI investor, do not let fund thirst stymie the world most creativest souls, the Earth and human may not be affordable to the late delivery or even lost of our ingenious mission-critical energy solution.


Please support us today, thank you very much!


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Temporarily headquartered in

Ottawa Ontario Canada,


If hard to survive in local, then willingly re-root or re-headquarter for more nutritious “soil” to anywhere any country, e.g. the Great Again USA, provided a smarter strategic individual or company or government investor sincerely & warmheartedly invites us.


Phone: 613-909-2839



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