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Text Box: Feb. 23, 2018
Yesterday, we have submitted a new utility patent application US15902651:

Osmosis energy storage & restoration system and indirect solar powerplant 

Looking into the near future, the PRO (Pressure Retarded Osmosis) generator will eventually convert the Dead Sea into a 1.6 GW powerplant!
This revolutionary invention can be used in backyard or solar evaporation salt pond to harvest solar energy with the cheapest "salt panel" that is just fractional price of PV solar panel. 
Though great economic advantage, the conventional PSH(Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity) is too picky to location, even the Great Nature can rarely favor it. Now this novel technology is matchable to PSH in system cost, and energy density can increase at least one order of magnitude.

Dec. 21, 2017

This week, we have submitted a new utility patent application to USPTO.

Title: Osmosis battery & high magnetic field generator & superconducting ionic current loop.  

App #: US15848097

It is a battery, but electricity output not from electrochemistry, only ionic current loop and its induced high magnetic field ready for use. The power comes from osmotic pressure without any chemical reaction. Recharging the battery can be done by reverse osmosis, or replacement of liquid media. Electrolyte, 2 or 3 liquid segments, ion-exchange membranes and valves are needed. Only 3-segment system can output electricity by non-electrochemical method. Huge current can be generated in liquid-loop comprising different concentration compartments; it is not the regular invisible lepton electronic current, but pure hadron or baryon ionic current, up to millions amperes that can be far larger than any superconductor’s capability. Protons and small anions are preferred, so as to minimize mass transfer & ion hammer effect. 

Sep. 10, 2017

Our 3 proposals in MIT organized ClimateColab contest have gained the most supporters.

Proposal 1: 
Commercial flapping-shutter ornithopter era will come soon
Total supporters up to date: 43

Proposal 2: 
High efficient shutter propeller for marine or aircraft application
Total supporters up to date: 42

Proposal 3:
Shutter-like turbine for low head shallow river/canal/sewer hydropower system 
Total supporters up to date: 22

Most likely we could win the opportunity of entering the semi-finalist contest. If you like our proposal, we sincerely invite you registering account therein, then click the button “Support” in the said link page, the more support, the higher chance to win, thank you very much!!!

Apr. 14, 2017

Yesterday, we submitted a new utility patent application to USPTO.

Title: Room temperature alternative superconductor, beta nuclear reactor and more 

App #: US15486412


Combining alternative room temperature superconductor and neutrinos lens with other special means can enormously accelerate beta decay, so as to directly generate electricity or thermal energy. Not by extreme low temperature for superconductor, as alternative, mechanically spinning electric charged regular conductor can mimic superconductor in normal ambient condition, but with convenience and far lower energy consumption than cryogenic deep freezer. The virtual-current-generated strong magnetic field is one of the crucial factors to speed up beta decay, as well as the synergy catalysis of focused neutrinos. In a sense, it is a controlled yet accelerated decay nuclear reactor. 

Sep. 16, 2016

Yesterday, we submit a new utility patent application to USPTO. 

Title: Dielectric blade comb piston unlimited voltage generator fusor and more

App #: US15267122


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