Kiwaho Laboratory of Energy and Ecology Inc.

We are aiming to power world with clean energy originated from the sun-cooking-earth !

Co-operation with university or government laboratory or other institute

Deep research in energy and ecology is never easy job.


The public have seen our recent frequent activities of heralding many new scientific discoveries and blueprints for forthcoming technology applications in clean energy domain, and may be avid for immediate availability in market.


Sure, commercialization is also our best wish, but currently our public image may be temporarily an alone fighter at the frontier of the state-of-art, though in fact, the public wanted pace is frustrated by our limited resource: short of funds, more high caliber brains, and government support.


Therefore we are actively looking for establishing cooperation streams targeting to solve the Gordian knots in scientific research and technology development.


All interested universities, institutes and government laboratories are welcome to join force with us, of course, the credits and special rights shall be reserved for you to take in fair share.


We can also co-train doctorate candidates with universities. Generally speaking, the object-oriented research thesis are always valuable and appreciable, good for scholars future career of pioneering new industry.


Action now if you are ready!

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