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We are aiming to power world with clean energy originated from the sun-cooking-earth ! Yes, too humble to be falseTM !

Recently, I filed an US patent with application number 14/788,884: "System and modality to generate power from liquid jet in heat engine and more".

Based on the mentioned inventions, I am going to establish a consortium for a pilot project named as “evaporation energy scavenger with heat & power co-generation based on Wei thermodynamic cycle.”

The project is about to harness evaporation heat collected in a large area shallow basin, and convert to higher grade heat and mechanic shaft work by Wei heat engine. The estimate energy rate is about 100+ watts power, plus circa 300 watts heat per square meter in average climate condition. 

Exploitable energy density: 100+ watts per square meter, though the Sun probably casts more than 1000W/m2 on our Earth. Sorry, this ‘humble’ technology can only take a fraction, or say the water only take that small percent energy for evaporation, but really really and really cheap to cover the land to harness it, and no matter day or night, evaporation does always exist, even in very small difference of evaporation rate, just with minor ‘drawback’ that will cool down atmosphere faster at night than usual !!!

Science: flash-evaporation + flash-condensation do co-generate heat and powerQuasi flash-evaporation occurs outside ejector sucking vapor from a large area sealed shallow basin or pan, as well as, flash-condensation occurs inside ejector where supersonic shockwave is induced and the powered jet liquid circulation strikes a waterwheel turbine to output shaft work.

Conclusively, the former converts energy to latent heat, and the latter converts latent heat to sensible heat and power. This type of heat engine can also be referred to Ejector Heat Engine.

The capital cost is expected to be about 5% of the photovoltaic PV project of same power rating! 1 acre = 4047 square meters, --> 4047*100= 405kw. So everyday, 405*24= 9720 kwh electricity, more favorably it is far cheap and with heat output as extra benefit compared with the photo-voltaic solar panel, amazing!

If multiple evaporation basins stacked, further higher energy density per physic land square meter can be harnessed.

Land use: inferior farm land or idle land even in city. Although my preferred location is a hobby farm, anyway, other choice even in your facility or the Central Experimental Farm is also considerable.

The members of the consortium is still not yet determined, you are welcome to recommend the candidate entities.



Other possible consortia in near future that implements following pilot projects are still under planning:

2. The planning consortium A: The pilot project of multi-fuel adaptive eco-engine based on Wei thermodynamic cycle.

The said eco-engine is not the classic style of piston-cylinder. It just likes as a quasi-hydraulic motor.  Because there exists a key part ejector, so it can also be referred to ejector heat engine.

The fuel combustion is done inside cavitation bubbles with self-ignition by high ratio compression while gaseous-liquid mixing phase fluid passing through the supersonic shockwave zone. Then the powered output jet flow causes pressure augmentation of ejector, and a waterwheel turbine is driven by the said jet flow. The wanted torque to drive vehicle is ready after transmission relays the turbine shaft work.

Because water is the principle circulation medium, and the combustion resultants water vapor and nitrogen dioxide can be resolved in liquid water, so it features zero emission of NOx and water vapor, only carbon dioxide and gas of nitrogen are dumped out via muffler.

An outstanding feature is that it can adapt to multiple fuel input, such as gasoline, diesel, propane, etc. by just simple re-configuration of some adjustable parameters.

3. The planning consortium B: The pilot project of modification on coal powerplant to sequestrate carbon by running a parasitic soda production line.

According to the patent application, existing coal powerplant can be modified to fix carbon by a quasi Solvay process to produce soda in ejector reactor with input of salt and lime.

4. The planning consortium C: The pilot project of ammonia synthesis with heat and power co-generation as byproduct.

According to the patent application, a revolutionary method is presented to produce ammonia by gulfing the mixed gases of N2 + H2 + O2 with the motive water mainstream circulation inside an ejector, then the reaction energy release of combustion of H2 + O2 in style of implosion of cavitation triggers the desired reaction of N2 + H2 to produce ammonia, and further then, the heat-resulted supersonic shockwave boosting jet flow can strike a waterwheel turbine to generate electricity. The generated electricity can also be used to electrolyze H2 from H2O to feedback to input gases manifold, that can reduce the expensive outsourcing of commercial H2.

For either of the above mentioned consortia, the member invitation shortlist is under construction, and you are welcome to input your opinions.

1. X-vaporTM evaporation energy scavenger with heat & power co-generation based on Wei thermodynamic cycle.

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