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Bovine or equine water jacket and combined heat and power cogeneration system

Application number in USPTO: US 14/242,030


Large size livestock animal, such as cow and horse, emits significant heat energy all time. A special device of water jacket works both as animal clothes and thermal collector. There are 3 hoses attached to the water jacket: 2 for water circulation; 1 for skin vapor collection. Animals are penned on an open camp or uninsulated tie-stall barn. All hoses are hooked to a pipe matrix that is systematically connected to a barn-side water tank and vapor compressor. Another building-side water tank is used to store higher temperature water that is the direct heat source of a radiant floor heating system. The heat pump draws heat from barn-side warm water tank, and discharges heat to building-side water tank, then supports radiant floor heating system in winter or heat engine power plant in summer. Water jack can also relieve the animal heat stress, because underground water is cooler than ambient air during hot season.


1 cow = 1000 watts, 1000 cows = 1MW.


As a good side-effect, the herd dressed in sexy colorful thermal coat will also stimulate higher reproduction and more milk production.


Letís scavenge this amazing free renewable energy!†††† ††††††††††††


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