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Apparatus of quasi-laser induced by vapor condensation and 2 thermodynamic cycling methods

Application number in USPTO:  US 14/555,378


Scientific studies show that vapor condensation can radiate infrared (IR). The regular application of heat exchanger ignores the existence of the infrared, and it is just simply deemed that the latent heat in vapor be absorbed locally by other medium. The present inventions conduct outwards the IR emitted during phase change in the form of strong concentrated beam just like laser, and make it possible to remotely output heat via flexible tubing, for example, using it to cut metal, or heating remote liquid in a closed-loop thermodynamic cycle for increasing fuel efficiency. An ellipsoid shell with high inner wall reflection & mini-hole is used to converge & output IR. Artificial lightening and/or thundering is used for triggering flash condensation.


Associatedly, I also presents a new kind of heat engine that can feedback the IR emitted by exhaust vapor to heat boiler in joint effort with primary heating energy, and another kind of heat engine that uses zero point energy to improve performance. Both new kinds of heat engine can achieve amazing high efficiency.


It is a well-known fact that the rejected heat in thermodynamics cycle is really frustrating human-being to convert thermal energy into mechanic work in a high efficient way. Dumping the rejected vapor to atmosphere will waste valuable energy, as trouble as condensing it will be awful slow procedure and under-match the payload energy consuming pace because of low temperature difference with ambient. Some power plants even use river water to condensate the exhaust vapor, also impact environment.


As long as the technical level stays at the heat exchanging by media contact, no hope to resolve above-mention dilemma, because the second law of thermodynamics restricts that heat can only be transferred from high end to low end by nature.


In high pressure & high temperature vapor, less than 30% energy is mechanic, and 70% more is hidden in latent energy. That's why even the best heat engine only about 30% efficiency.


By converting latent heat to IR quasi-laser, the heat engine will jailbreak the restrain of efficiency of the Carnot cycle. Because the latent energy can be scavenged by contactless and remote feedback via optical fiber in concentrated IR beam to boiler, and instantly "cash out" to heat energy again therein, so the primary heater is less stressful, then huge fuel will be saved.


In the sectors of metal cutting, medical application, and the principle energy industry, the subject research and commercial prospect will loom profound affect.



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