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Power supply for the great Z-pinch machine

Application in high energy physics Z-pinch experiment

Following figure shows a typical 55MJ 1GV multistage single shot high voltage generator.


A powerful engine, e.g. 300HP diesel engine, provides the system all energy. It drives a heavy duty gear transmission or winch.

There are some sturdy sky rails used as gantry crane. Many pulleys are mounted on the rails and on the huge dielectric blades assembly. Steel ropes are crossing pulleys in force saving mode, then hooked to the said transmission or winch.

The dielectric blades can be made of dielectric media combination of ceramic piezoelectric material with high dielectric constant ϵ1 and transformer oil ϵ2 with high breakdown strength, e.g. ϵ1 = 22600, ϵ2 = 4.5, ϵ1/ ϵ2= 5000.

For a detail calculation of parameters, please check out the patent specification.

Because transformer oil is fluid, displacement can be done by gravitation or atmosphere pressure or pump depending on how fast demand, and an oil tank is deployed beside the dielectric blades module.

When the said ϵ1 is completely inside the capacitor, the oil is displaced to the tank via the check valve, as well as when the dielectric blades module is lift by the crane, the oil will flow back and be pumped to the capacitor.

Without check valve and pump, the stage 1 excitation module can be completely immersed in oil basin, as the volume is far less than the stage 2 module.

As hundreds tones force involved in stage 2 module, the base should be well blasted.

The typical size for such a performance could be 5 meters both wide and height, and 10 to 20 meters long depending on how density the intermediate electrode plates inserted.

For details, read the patent specification of USPTO application US15/267,122.

For theory study, check out this paper: Dielectrodynamics and its applications.

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