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We are aiming to power world with clean energy originated from the sun-cooking-earth !

Betavoltaic nuclear reactor in synergy with superconductor alternative system & focused neutrinos catalysis 

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Application number in USPTO: US 15/486,412

Combining alternative room temperature superconductor and neutrinos lens with other special means can enormously accelerate beta decay, so as to directly generate electricity or thermal energy. Not by extreme low temperature for superconductor, as alternative, mechanically spinning electric charged regular conductor can mimic superconductor in normal ambient condition, but with convenience and far lower energy consumption than cryogenic deep freezer. The virtual-current-generated strong magnetic field is one of the crucial factors to speed up beta decay, as well as the synergy catalysis of focused neutrinos. In a sense, it is a controlled yet accelerated decay nuclear reactor.


Following figure is a zoo– in to one of electrode pairs in running β-reactor



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