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Dielectric blade comb piston unlimited voltage generator fusor and more

Application number in USPTO: US 15/267,122


The electric vs. mechanic bi-directional power conversion application has been traditionally and asymmetrically favoring at magnetic element as energy caching and buffering bridge, e.g. the electric motors and generators that are also abstracted as electromechanical devices. The theory behind electromechanical devices is electrodynamics. Based on the fast development of high energy density dielectric materials, my inventions are to be a game changer: let electrical field alone to take the heavy duty of electromechanical utilities, and let “dielectrodynamics” replace electrodynamics. Of the most importance is the key limitless high voltage generator, which can cover full gamut of voltages from volts to kilovolts (KV), megavolts (MV), gigavolts (GV), teravolts (TV), and whatever we need, just provided necessary space occupancy and mechanic work are secured to assist dielectric piston or blades displacement. As the nature of such an electric power supply, it is fit for pulse application, such as Z-pinch, particle accelerator, nuclear ignition, fusion reactor, ornithopter etc. Civil application is also possible, such as harvest wind power, pulse heating even with overunity and so on, but regular non-pulse application needs further power smoothing or conversion.

It is the time of saying bye to Marx generator, rare earth magnetic materials, mile-size accelerator, country-size neutron spallation system and more, just cheerfully to embrace the epoch of powerful inexhaustible fusion energy and magnetic-free dielectrodynamic utilities.

Application 1: a simple hand pumped hydraulic mobile pulse X-ray source

More applications available, such as Z-pinch machine high voltage power supply, etc.


For details, read the patent specification of USPTO application US15/267,122.

For theory study, check out this paper: Dielectrodynamics and its applications.

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