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Room temperature superconductor alternative system

Superconductor is good for carrying huge current, but extreme low cryogenic temperature is cumbersome, expensive and high energy consumption for keeping the condition. As alternative, spinning electric charged metal disc(s) can mimic superconductor in normal ambient condition or even high temperature as long as not too hot to deform parts, and such is more convenience and far less energy consumption than cryogenic deep freezer. In fact, velocity of electrons drift in current carrying disc is very slow, e.g. only 23μm/s for 1 ampere in a 2mm diameter wire, in contrast, mechanic motion can easily reach sound speed, hence huge virtual current can exist.

This quasi-superconductor does induce more stronger magnetic field than real superconductor!

It is alternative superconductor, but never Conway-style alternative fact!

Patent pending in application: US15/486,412, seeking for cooperation worldwide.

Here is the full specification.


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